This week’s Social Superhero “how-to” walks you through the why’s & how’s of using Facebook for business.

Yeah, everyone’s talking about it…but why should you be spending time hanging out on Facebook on behalf of your business? As the #1 fastest growing social platform (don’t believe me? Check these 2011 stats from Digital Buzz), the primary answer is simple: because your customers are there.

Even if you’re already on board with the concept, you may still be wary of getting started because you’re not clear on best practices, how to be efficient (ie: not waste too much of your already precious time), and how to really put your best foot forward.

This tutorial will walk you through:

  • 1. Why Facebook?
  • 2. The Anatomy of a Facebook Page
  • 3. Simple Methods for Outreach and Engagement
  • 4. Get it all done in 30 minutes (or less) a day with an easy 3-step checklist.

(Use the “Menu” button on bottom left of the presentation to enlarge this to full screen size:)

It is important to understand that Social Media is about developing one’s own voice. This means that how you eventually carry out your strategies will need to be specific to your unique message. As you follow our series please remember that it is simply meant to be a launching pad for you to get out more quickly, and develop your own voice.

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What’s Next? Here’s the schedule for Weeks 4-5:

Week 4 – Flickr & YouTube-The Dynamic Audio & Video Media Duo

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