What do all of these companies and organizations have in common?

You guessed it…they’ve all trusted Mesh Marketing to continue moving them toward their goals and vision online.


Doing What We Do Best So You Can Focus on What You Do Best.

Building your business and relationships online doesn’t have to be a painful process. Our team works closely with various teams you already have in place, and fills in the gaps to ensure your online presence is reaching your target audience.


Social media isn’t just about getting your story out.

It’s about listening to stories that come from your target audience, learning from them, and growing a community of brand advocates that will amplify goodwill for your brand, and ultimately, a thirst and demand for what you’re selling.


Revenue & acquisition goals are the priority, but traditional one-way marketing tactics won’t help you achieve them with today’s hyper-connected consumer.

Gaining the loyalty and trust of today’s consumer means letting them feel their voices, experiences, and opinions are important, and that they are part of your brand. Outside of in-person contact, social media is the most powerful way to achieve this. Understanding how to reach a highly targeted audience, on what channels, and how to use those channels, is the core of what we do.

We take that knowledge and craft a message that “Meshes” the voice of a brand (via PR, Marketing, and Customer Service teams) with the brand’s community. The results of that two way conversation can be enlightening & empowering for everyone involved.


A skilled social media specialist needs to know how to manage more than just general brand messaging, and target audience.

They must know the product intimately, be creative and inspiring in how it’s presented, understand how to deal with technical questions and customer support issues in with empathy and kindness, passion for what it is the brand stands for, and so much more.

Mesh Marketing combines this kind of social media expertise with a 20+ years of experience in the outdoor market that includes product development, purchasing, sales, marketing, merchandising, and event planning, for B2B and B2C channels.

By collaborating closely with our clients’ PR agencies and internal marketing teams, we bring an affordable and powerful solution to brands who are looking to expand their online presence.


Our digital marketing experts act as a central management team for your brand’s strategy and messaging:

Channel Optimization

Channel Optimization

  • Identify Best Channels
  • Design
  • Setup
  • Optimization (with SEO in mind!)
  • Updates (as Channels Evolve)

Combining Resources

Combining Resources

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Brand Messaging From: Marketing Team, PR Team, Sales Teams, Retail Locations, etc.

Content Lab

Content Lab

  • Design & Optimization: Visuals, Message Format & Timing
  • Publishing
  • Analysis
  • Ongoing Adaptation

The Result

The Result?

  • Cohesive Message
  • Consistent Presence
  • Increased SEO
  • Proactive Customer Advocacy
  • Brand Trust & Loyalty
  • Customers Seek You Out (instead of vice versa!)

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