Tagging Other Pages On Your Facebook Business Page Wall: How-To & Ettiquette

***Photo Courtesy of Lee Lilly via Flickr***

This Facebook trick has been around a while, but not many people (at least not the people I know) are using it. Most likely, because they’re not even aware they can, or if they’ve notice other folks doing it, they’re not really sure how.

Tagging other Pages from your Facebook Business Page wall is a great way to recognize friends, other brands, etc by giving a live link to their page in the body of your wall posts.  It’s a win-win situation, and a great co-promotional tool when dealing w/biz partners & sponsorships, because you also end up having your post appear on their wall too.  Depending on how many fans that page has, this is potentially great visibility for you as well.

Before I move on to the “How” portion of this post, I feel I need to be responsible and give you a quick list of ettiquette when tagging other pages:

  • 1) NO SPAM: No self promotion, unless the admin of the tagged wall has encouraged or asked you to do so.
  • 2) DON’T BE RUDE: Don’t say anything you know they wouldn’t want you to say in front of their friends/fans
  • 3) DO GIVE CREDIT & PRAISE them for giving you something of quality to share with your fans (do it in the body of the wall post you are tagging them in!)
  • 4) USE SELECTIVELY the way you would give a precious gift, or dole out a sincere compliment. If you start flooding people’s walls with tags, they will stop liking you and your brand. I promise. AND you’ll be breaking Rule #1 above.  Double-whammy!

(A #5 would really round this out & I’m sure I’m forgetting something…if anyone wants to chime in with other key “rules”, feel free…comment below!)

Okay, feeling like you can follow thees basic “rules”? Then read on…

How to tag other pages & people on your Facebook Business Page’s Wall

(Pssst…this works on your personal wall too…)
We are going to use my client, Yukon Charlie’s as the “you” example…

1) Make sure you click “Use Facebook as Yukon Charlie’s (aka Your page)”

2) If you’re not sure whether your page already “Likes” the page you are going to tag, hop over there quickly just to be sure.  If the “Like” button shows up at the top of the page, you need to click it.

IMPORTANT, if your page doesn’t “like” the brand you’re hoping to mention, #’s 3 & 4 will not work.

3) Go back to your wall (since you’re using Facebook as your page, you can just hit the “Profile” button on top right.)

4) Start typing your wall post.  When you get to where you want to use the other page’s name, type the @ symbol immediately in front of it. (ie @snowshoemag…). Before you finish typing the name, a drop down will appear with their page’s, name (along with any other pages your page “Likes” that start with the same letters).

5) Click on the page you want to tag/mention & their name will fill in with blue highlight over it.

4) finish typing your note, and add the link you are interested in sharing by pasting the full URL into the body of your wall note.  Done.  When posted, the page you are tagging will be blue & will provide a live link to that page.

BONUS: if you click over to their page (and if they are allowing all posts to show-as opposed to just their own), you will see your post there as well!

Here’s an example:

Because of the tags in this post, it also showed up on Snowshoe Magazine’s page, and also provided a live link to their page for anyone visiting Yukon Charlie’s on Facebook.  See! A win/win.

Now, go out, follow the rules, and start tagging!

Disclaimer:  This is merely a how-to article.  If you are following all of the steps above and are still not able to tag pages, you are likely facing a Facebook bug.  For issues getting your tagging to work, please visit http://www.facebook.com/help/.


  1. says

    Thank you for the information, but for some reason, when I use the @pagename syntax on my page’s wall, it doesn’t show up on the tagged page’s wall. For example, I have a photography page, and I frequently take photos at a local public garden. When I want to tag the public garden in one of my posts, I say something like “Took these beauties @jcra last weekend!” The steps you described above are exactly how I tag the other business’ page. When I start typing @j, their name pops up, I click it, and their name is blue in my post and clickable on my wall. However, my post does *not* show up on their wall. This is the case with two other business pages that I have tagged from posts on my page’s wall.

    Is there a privacy setting on my page that’s preventing my page’s public posts from showing up on another page’s wall? I swear I can’t find it.

    • Kristel Hayes says

      Hi there…yep, one catch to showing up on the page you’ve tagged is that they have to allow your posts to show. This is a setting that only page admins have control over (under “Edit Page” > “Manage Permissions”). Some pages are set up to only show “pages by post” (as opposed to “all posts”), as their default public view. Some page admins prefer to control the content that shows on their wall this way. If you look at the top of the pages wall, though (just under the image array), you should be able to click the link that allows you to see posts from “Everyone (Most Recent)”. Let me know if this works :-)

      • Cheryl Velez says

        Thank you for replying. Unfortunately, it looks like what you’ve suggested has already been done on both my page and the other page.

        I’ve tried posting to their wall both ways: actually posting directly to their wall, and using the @ syntax. In neither case do my posts show on their wall.

        Here are the steps I’ve taken-
        The other page has “Liked” my page
        My page “Likes” their page
        My posts are published to Public
        I use the @ syntax to tag them in my posts
        I post directly on their wall.

        I don’t know what else to try.

        My page is here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Snapping-Beauty-Photography/. You can see where I’ve tagged The Cotton Company in some of my posts … these are the ones not showing on the other page’s wall. I’ve tagged other pages, and they seem to show up fine.

        I just don’t get it.

        • says

          Hmmm…if this is working for you on some pages & not on others, I’m not really sure what to say. There is likely a setting on The Cotton Company’s page (that only their admin can control) that is determining whether your posts are showing up. Unfortunately, you only have control over your own page and what happens there. You may want to check with the Facebook help center for deeper technical support: http://www.facebook.com/help/.

          • iman says

            I am also having the same problem but the other way around. Another page tagged my page in their wall post, but it doesn’t show on my wall. I have all the settings the way you described.

  2. Lara says

    Thanks for so much for the information…You save me hours of searching and not finding the answer I was looking for!

  3. says

    I have my permission set correctly to allow all posts, however when people tag my business page, on their business pages, and on their personal profiles, it does not show up on my business page wall.

    Got any ideas?

    Thanks much.


    • says

      Hmmm…I just tagged you from our Mesh Marketing page & it worked for me…check it out. Looks like your default wall view is showing “Everyone”s posts too, so your settings appear to be correct. If still not working for people, might be a question for FB. Their help center is sometimes helpful: http://www.facebook.com/help/. If you end up finding a fix, would you mind sharing it here? I’d love to know what the heck is going on. Sounds wonky.

  4. says

    Thanks so much Kristel. I see your post tag however, take a look here: http://www.facebook.com/thefeelin

    The tag on that page never showed up, along with a few other ones. I get the Facebook notification emails about being tagged, it just doesn’t show up on my wall for some reason.

    I think wonky is right. I’ll look into it more and will be in touch.

    Thanks again!


    • says

      Ah, I see the issue. They did not, technically, “tag” you. They just linked to your page with the actual URL. Although the link is clickable, Facebook has not figured out a way to recognize your page in that way.

      In order to properly tag someone, one just needs to type the “@” symbol immediately followed by your page name. For your page, as an example, they would type “@A Frame Forward Photography”. Typically, before all words are typed, FB will recognize & offer the page in a drop down & it can just be clicked on. Only this method will create a live link that allows the post to appear on both pages.

    • says

      Ah, sorry, just took a second look and noticed that they did tag correctly in another post but that one’s not showing. Unfortunately, I don’t really have an explanation for it. Might be good to check the FB help center. Definitely odd. Sorry I’m not much more help, but if I stumble on an explanation, I’ll definitely let you know!

      • iman says

        Hi again! (I posted in another comment before reading this). This is also my exact same problem, but I would like to know if you did end up knowing how to fix this problem. Thanks.

        • says

          Hey there…I’m so sorry, but I can’t replicate the issues being noted here on my machine. Tagging is working fine for me (both when tagging and being tagged) on the multiple client pages I manage. Unfortunately, best advice I can give you is to check out Facebook’s Help forum: http://www.facebook.com/help/

  5. Jimi says

    Do you know if facebook will ever allow you to tag people on your page? For instance, my page is Knox County Visioning Group. It allows me to tag other pages that I have liked, but it does not allow me to tag friends of my own page. Do you know why that is? Seems that pages can only tag pages and not people. Why?

    • says

      I haven’t heard any rumors that they will allow this, but you never know. My hunch is that the major concern would be that many people don’t want business pages posting content to their personal wall…IE, if a business page tags a person, their post automatically shows up on that person’s wall. Aside from the potential backlash of losing followers on your page if you did this (imagine how annoying it’d be if a business you frequent came into your yard or house & put up signs), Facebook would need to be sure there were privacy protections in place that allowed people to block getting tagged by pages. Overall, I think this would be a hard thing to convince people to allow.

  6. says

    Great article! We’ve been doing this for some time, but have noticed that sometimes, pages we have “liked” just will NOT tag! For instance, we wanted to tag a particular page from one of the business pages we manage and one of the Community Managers could not get it to show up in the drop-down list after typing “@”. She was able to get it to show up when she attempted it in a comment on the update.

    I was able to create an update with the desired business tagged, but I know I have had similar issues in the past. Just a weird FB quirk? Anyone else seen this?

    • says

      Yeah, this is definitely a Facebook quirk, as far as I can tell. It’s definitely happened to me, as well as most of my clients. Typically, the issue fixes itself if you walk away & try again a few hours, or even a day, later. No explanation, unfortunately, and of course, we’re dealing with a platform that only offers a link to a help forum for assistance :-)

  7. michelle says


    I have been unable to tag pages ive liked on my business page since september i have liked the page in both personal and business page and it still isnt allowing me to tag them any ideas?

    • says

      Hmmm…bummer. Not a problem for me. Unfortunately, I’m just a gal who wrote a how-to article on this topic & it works for most folks. I’m not employed by Facebook for help/troubleshooting (or anything else for that matter), but they do have a help forum where you’re more likely to find other folks who may have the same problem: http://www.facebook.com/help/

  8. says

    On several occasions I have used the @ to mention a page that I KNOW I have liked but it does not should up in the dropdown. How can I mention a page that does not show up even though it is liked? Thanks

    • rer says

      @Jodi….just because youve liked a page doesnt mean that page allows itself to be tagged by you.
      @cheryl and the rest with the problem of not seeing their post on a page they have tagged…..if you post and tag a page youve liked on your page and its not showing on their wall, chances are that the admin has seen your post show up on their page but they have decided to block you from making such posts in the future…you still remain that you like that page but your posts will never appear there until the admin removes you from their blocked list……maybe you havent followed all the etiquette rules:O) or someone before you has caused the page grief…ie ..spammy posts…whether they are intended to be or not…some people just get tired of people that are constantly posting and tagging because remember all that email piles up in their actual inbox to if they get all their notifications….for pages with large fanbases it can be quite overwhelming and its common for admins to block users who post and tag frequently.
      I have the same issues…most pages allow cross tagging cause it can be mutually beneficial but ive also been stopped/blocked from some pages ive hit on to much.

  9. says

    Hey this doesnt seem to work for when im trying to tag people who have liked my business page? how do i do that? i.e. they wona competition so i want to tag their name in the post. cheers

    • says

      This question comes up a lot. Business pages cannot tag people, only other business pages. Imagine the “spam” implications of pages being able to tag individuals…it would be ugly, and I’m sure a major reason why this capability is not allowed.

  10. Grace says

    The following just started happening to me a few weeks ago. None of the tags I’ve made on my page show up on the walls of the pages I’ve tagged. Before, all tags showed up on the tagees’ walls. Then, all of a sudden, nada. I think it’s unlikely all these pages have blocked me at the same time. What else could be going here?

    • says

      That certainly sounds frustrating. Facebook changed the way posts & tags from “others” show up on biz pages. They now get tucked into a “Recent Posts By Others” area…perhaps your posts are getting tucked in there? If not, I’m not really sure why that’s happening for you. If it’s truly something you’d like to try & resolve, I’d recommend going to Facebook’s Help Forum: http://www.facebook.com/help/

  11. says


    I’m also having troubles with my tag showing up on the, other fan page site. Why is this? When I like a page, I want to tag that page, from my fan page so it shows up in the recent posts on their page. HOwever, it never shows up. It seems as though it’s showing up for other fan pages, but I can’t get it to work. When I tag them from my person FB page it shows up no problem.

  12. Mira says

    I’m having the same problem as many others with my business page. Whenever I tag another page (and they’ve already “liked” mine and I’ve “liked” theirs), they never receive a notification that I’ve tagged them in a post, and the post never shows up on their “Posts By Others” section. This has happened with over 10 different “Pages” – it seems the problem is somewhere on my end, because other people’s tagged posts are showing up in their “Posts By Others” section – just not mine.

    • says

      Definitely frustrating. I’ve noticed more recently that tagging pages doesn’t seem to show up in the posts by others section reliably any more, so I’m going to do a bit more research. Could be that this article is no longer valid, but not sure :-/ I’d be curious to know if it’s working/not working for anyone else. Sorry I’m not much help at this juncture, but for anyone subscribed to this comment string, I’ll leave an update here if I’ve been able to update this now-two-year-old-article with more current info.

      • Omar says

        Kristel, any news on the new tagging other pages process. It is not reliable at all anymore. I can write on the actual wall of some fan pages using my page but not on others. I can’t at all tag another page in a post on my own page’s wall and have it ever come up. Alot of these articles like yours are from 2011. Have things changed. Do you know what the latest on this tagging thing is?

        • MeshWebmaster says

          Hi Omar…tagging works great for me, so not sure why you\’re having trouble, but sounds like maybe an issue you should check out with Facebook support. Here\’s a link to their help center: https://www.facebook.com/help/

  13. bill says

    Finally – an article that accurately describes how to tag another Facebook page from your own page. The @ sign! Thank you!